My Open Letter 2016

It’s been a long while. I am desperate.

After basically running the business incubator program at Fresno State for a couple months, I am again seeking work. My Scope of Work was not renewed because they wanted to further exploit my vulnerable position by cutting my workload to 35% of what I was getting. 15 hours for July at $30/hour. Because they’d often schedule me for only one hour per day, I’d have nearly three hours of public transit time and suffer severe physical pain- to be ordered to not include most of my work hours as billable. Legal misclassification of Independent Contractor versus employee is only one of the major issues here.

Everything is in serious jeopardy. I basically worked hard for nothing. My net income is less than 5%; after taxes, work-related expenses, and Disability benefit deductions. My PASS plan application has already been denied. My appeal was denied. My Disability “overpay” appeal was denied. Essentially, all of my previous work income goes to pay Social Security Disability for what they determined I now owe them.

I am working to distribute this “Open Letter” to any and all who are willing to read it. I want to help create social justice. I cannot do it alone. I cannot engage in conversation because I cannot find those who are willing to listen. Together, let’s change the world.

I hope to hear from you.

My Open Letter to Help